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How we helped a leading Test Management Software company achieve a 90% reduction in CPA


decrease in CPA


qualified trials generated


increase in demo registrations


ad spend managed profitably

7+ years

experience in the B2B space

12+ clients

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$45m+ pipeline

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About the Client

This case study focuses on our work with a leading test management software company used by over 100,000 development and QA teams worldwide.

The client’s software is renowned for its effectiveness in managing and streamlining the testing process, making it a crucial tool for software development teams.

The Challenge

They sought to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns, specifically focusing on reducing Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) for qualified trials.

The client's existing Google Ads structure used a broad geographic approach, with limited segmentation based on performance. This led to challenges in controlling CPA and focusing budget on the most profitable locations.

Additionally, the use of generic landing pages limited conversion rates for key initiatives like product demos.

Our Approach

We implemented a multi-pronged strategy to address these challenges:

1. Tiered Bidding based on ROAS and Trial-to-Qualified Trial Ratio:
We conducted a comprehensive analysis to segment user locations based on two key metrics: Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Trial-to-Qualified Trial (QT) ratio. This allowed us to create six tiers, with targeted bidding strategies for each based on profitability and conversion potential.

2. Competitor-Specific Landing Pages: We implemented competitor-specific landing pages for their top competitors, with plans to expand to additional competitors. These landing pages were designed to highlight the client's unique value proposition and improve conversion rates for qualified trials.

3. Product Demo Landing Page Optimization: We implemented a new landing page design for product demo signups based on our battle-tested playbooks. This new design aimed to improve conversion rates by providing a clearer and more compelling call to action.


The combined impact of these strategies was significant:

-> 90% Reduction in Cost-per-Qualified Trial: By implementing tiered bidding and optimizing campaign targeting, we achieved a dramatic reduction in CPA, bringing the cost down from $3,322.65 to $331.12 – a decrease of over 90%.

-> Increased Qualified Trials: The competitor-specific landing pages generated 349 qualified trials at a cost of $222.35 per QT, compared to just 2 QTs with the generic landing page.

-> Improved Product Demo Conversions: The optimized product demo landing page resulted in a 16.9% increase in conversion rate and a 25.25% increase in the number of product demo registrations.

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