How we helped GetResponse increase qualified user signups by 28% with paid advertising


increase in qualified user signups


increase in upgrade ratio


increase in conversion rate


ad spend managed profitably

7+ years

experience in the B2B space

12+ clients

clients served

$45m+ pipeline

pipeline generated

About GetResponse

GetResponse stands at the forefront as a leading email marketing software, catering to a wide range of businesses. 

Known for its affordable email marketing, automation, and growth tools, GetResponse is dedicated to empowering businesses to enhance their online audience engagement.

The Challenge

GetResponse had a robust base of existing customer data but wasn't utilizing it for remarketing campaigns. This was a missed opportunity to capture leads who expressed initial interest but hadn't yet signed up.

Additionally, their Google Ads structure allowed irrelevant searches, leading to wasted ad spend.

Our Approach

We knew a multi-pronged approach was necessary to achieve GetResponse's goals. This involved a deep dive into their existing setup and identifying key areas for improvement:

1. Reworked Google Ads Structure: We revamped the Google Ads account by creating tightly knit campaigns with thematic ad groups.

This ensured ads were only triggered by relevant searches, maximizing reach and budget efficiency. We also prioritized non-branded campaigns to capture users actively searching for solutions like those offered by GetResponse.

2. Implemented Multi-Channel Remarketing: We developed a strategic remarketing campaign targeting past website visitors who hadn't converted on the first touch.

This campaign leveraged paid advertising across various channels, prompting users to revisit GetResponse and explore the freemium offering.

3. Developed Tailored Creatives for Paid Social: We conducted customer research and competitor analysis to understand GetResponse's unique value proposition for different customer segments.

This allowed us to tailor marketing messages and ad creatives for each segment, leading to a significant increase in conversion rates.


By implementing this data-driven strategy with strategic remarketing and targeted messaging, we achieved impressive results for GetResponse. 

User signups increased by 28%, showcasing the effectiveness of our multi-channel approach. Additionally, the remarketing campaign improved the upgrade ratio from website visitors by 22.3%, leveraging GetResponse's extensive first-party data.

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