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How we helped a Business Intelligence Software company achieve a 300% increase in ROI from paid media


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About the Client

This case study details our work with a leading business intelligence (BI) software company.  

Their platform combines data preparation, business analytics, and data science into a user-friendly system that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions.  

They focus on lowering the skill barrier for data utilization, allowing organizations to integrate data analysis and insights across all departments.

The Challenge

The client was struggling to achieve a strong return on investment (ROI) from their existing paid media campaigns.  

Their Google Ads structure was inefficient, leading to rising CPAs. Additionally, their LinkedIn ad copy lacked personalization and their landing pages weren't optimized for conversions.

Our Approach

We implemented a comprehensive strategy across Google Ads and LinkedIn to improve campaign performance and drive ROI:

-> Google Ads Optimization

1. Search Campaign Restructure:
We restructured the campaigns to improve efficiency and scalability. This included using only the phrase and exact match types within ad groups and regrouping campaigns based on search query intent.

2. Automated Bidding Strategy Testing: We tested different automated bid strategies to optimize spend based on campaign goals.

3. Negative Keyword Refinement: We meticulously reviewed search queries to identify irrelevant terms and add negative keywords, ensuring campaigns focused on high-intent users.

-> LinkedIn Ads Optimization

1. Engaging & Personalized Ad Copy:
We crafted engaging ad copy that resonated with specific audience segments based on their demographics and interests. This ensured the right message reached the right users.

2. Ad-Relevant Landing Pages: We developed custom landing pages specifically designed for the LinkedIn audience and aligned with the client's messaging and brand voice. This improved click-through rates (CTRs) and overall conversion rates.

-> General Campaign Optimization

1. Conversion Goal Expansion:
We went beyond simply tracking leads and implemented additional conversion goals such as webinar sign-ups, ebook downloads, and registration completions. This provided a more holistic view of campaign performance.

2. Experimentation & Tracking: We documented all campaign experiments in a log, allowing us to analyze results, double down on successful strategies, and identify areas for improvement.


Our combined efforts yielded impressive results for the client:

-> 300% Increase in ROI: After working with us, the client achieved a significant ROI increase, going from 1.2x to 4.6x, a remarkable 300% improvement.

-> Increased Pipeline Revenue: In Q1'23, we helped the client achieve their best quarter ever, generating 51 deals (70% increase QoQ) and $7.7M (83% increase QoQ) in potential pipeline revenue from digital sources.

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